Please find some commonly asked questions below.

Could you please provide information regarding your rates?

With each product visual services project being unique, I offer custom quoting to ensure that all aspects of your creative brief requirements are taken care of. This means that we’ll work together to determine your visual services goals and craft a quote that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Factors taken into consideration include the level of styling required, the creation and editing processes needed to achieve your desired results, and additional elements such as specific props, custom backgrounds, and image usage rights, all of which may impact the costing. If you’re ready to enquire about a specific project, you can jump straight to completing a Visual Services Questionnaire and I’ll be in contact with a tailored project proposal and quote for you.

What locations do you service?

I am a studio-based product photographer located in Brisbane, Australia. If your product can be safely sent to me from across the globe, I can shoot it! I also offer hired location visual services.

What types of product photography services can you help with?

I offer e-commerce product photography (white background images for web listings & catalogs), styled product photography and food photography (of recipes) to showcase products in use.

Who do you offer your photography services to?

At White Rabbit Studio, my dedication revolves around capturing the beauty of products that embody nature, craftsmanship, and wholesomeness. Historically, my product photography journey has its origins deeply embedded in the realm of artisanal, holistic and organic food and beverage products. However, my lens has seamlessly extended to cater for brands within many other categories that similarly resonate with these principles. Alongside servicing food & beverage brands, I also offer my services to independent product creators in categories such as home, body, beauty and garden, who hold a deep appreciation for using natural, wholesome ingredients.

What is the expected timeframe for receiving the images?

While I value the creative process and don’t typically rush it, I understand the importance of meeting specific deadlines. As a general guideline, please allocate 14-21 business days for the delivery of your images from a booked shoot date. This will vary due to the size of a project. Typically, my bookings span a range of 4-6 weeks in advance. Therefore, if you have an upcoming projects, please consider this timeframe when planning your image requirements. If you have need of a more immediate delivery timeline than this, I am here to accommodate your schedule wherever possible, so please reach out to see if I can help.

Will you return my products when you're finished shooting?

Considering the perishable nature of food and beverage photography, please be advised that the products utilized in the photoshoot will not be returned. However, if there are any remaining products or packaging materials after the completion of the project, we can discuss potential options for returns or storage.

Could you please provide information regarding your payment terms?

When you have accepted your custom tailored quote, you will receive a Client Service Agreement to read and sign, a confirmation of your Product Photography Creative Brief (detailing your specific shoot requirements) and project invoice, with request for payment of a 50% deposit. It is important to note that your booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit and return of a signed and completed Client Service Agreement. I will then reserve your shoot date in my schedule and begin planning accordingly. Once your shoot is completed and the images are edited, I will send you a contact sheet to view your final gallery of images and you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance. Upon receipt of this payment, you will be provided with a digital link to access and download your images.

Could you please provide information regarding usage licenses for your visual services?

Providing a license agreement ensures that there is a clear detailing of the rights of usage that are granted with the visual results that are created for your project, whether images or motion services. There are many different ways that the resulting images or motion services from your project may potentially be used. For example, you may be updating your website, designing a brochure or thinking of posting on social media. Each of these different platforms will use the images or motion services in various ways and are distributed to diverse numbers of audiences. The photographer, the creator of the visual content, is always the copyright holder. When your images or motion services are delivered to you, they are not sold to you, but instead, are granted to you, for the use of, for a specifically defined use. White Rabbit Studio services include a basic commercial licensing, granting you the freedom to utilize the images and motion seamlessly across your website, both organic and paid social media campaigns, as well as in your email marketing efforts. Please note, that you can also request to purchase an extended license for further use, for such specific purposes as POS use, third-party retailers and specific print usages, if not already listed as included in a package option.

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