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Explore a world of wholesome, nostalgic, and inspiring product photography for your business! My focus is on providing visual services to independent product creators who have an appreciation for a holistic, natural, or organic approach to the development of their products.

With a speciality for food and beverage, I also extend my lens to support brands from many other categories who similarly share an ethos for bringing the beauty and benefits of nature into everyday life. My aim is to create enduring visual impressions and effectively communicate the value of your products, tailoring my services to fit your needs.

I am based in Brisbane and service brands across Australia.

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Premium Photography

White Rabbit Studio is equipped with the latest in camera, lighting and software technology, producing styled & e-commerce photography, alongside stop-motion and video. Holding a Diploma of Photography, I craft captivating visual brand stories.

Image Styling

With my integrated stylistic and storytelling approach, combined with design experience, I ensure your products will be showcased in the best way to tell your brand story.

The Photographer

My name is Missy and I am a professional product photographer. I have a special interest in supporting brands in the holistic, natural and artisanal categories.

Why hire a professional product photographer?

I’m passionate about providing a product photography service that crafts intentional imagery with a purpose, elevating and reinforcing your brand message. But, before we dive into the top reasons to opt for a professional photographer, let’s begin with a simple question.

How much time can you dedicate to consistently capturing product images that truly resonate with your audience? Entrusting a photographer with this responsibility not only ensures professional-grade photographs but also grants you more time for what truly matters.

Before exploring my range of product photography services that are designed to help your brand shine, consider the following additional reasons for choosing a professional product photography service.


Communicate your brand ethos

Visually showcase and demonstrate the benefits of your brand. My aim is to inspire the real-life experience of your products through captivating, storytelling imagery, infused with a creative, wholesome and nostalgic quality.


Turn followers into faithful customers

    Foster enduring customer connections by forging your visual identity through consistent, purposeful imagery that beautifully showcases your brand. Displaying your offerings with professional photography highlights attention to detail and authenticity, increasing product credibility.


Make shoppers click 'add to cart'

Compelling imagery captures focus, deterring a viewer from being lost in a digital sea of distraction. Amid the e-commerce realm and perpetual noise, a striking image makes your product stand out. So, in a world dominated by online sales, let images do the talking.

Drinking Chocolate Beverage Product Photography Brisbane

Which product categories are your services available to?

At White Rabbit Studio, my dedication revolves around capturing the beauty of products that embody nature, craftsmanship, and wholesomeness. Historically, my product photography journey has its origins deeply embedded in the realm of artisanal, holistic and organic food and beverage products. However, my lens has seamlessly extended to cater for brands within many other categories that similarly resonate with these principles.

I love to offer my visual services to those who share a common ground, working with brands that prioritize quality, authenticity, and a connection to the natural world, bringing their unique stories to life through creative, photographic storytelling. Alongside servicing food & beverage brands, you’ll find below a snapshot of various other product categories my service are available to.


Grounded in the belief that a home is a sanctuary, this category of product includes items such as candles, linens, ceramics and kitchenware. My approach to photographing these products is to highlight the inviting qualities they bring that make a house a true haven.


With a focus on taking care of the wellbeing of the body, this category features items like general bath, soap, suncare and dental products. The creative intention is to unveil their nurturing attributes and magnify the natural benefits that they have to offer.


With makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrances, the focus lies in capturing the pristine formulations, and holistic choices made in creating these products. I'll establish a visual testament to the harmonious relationship between beauty and nature of your products, sharing their purpose and wholesome quailities.


It’s a visual ode to the art of cultivation and the enduring bond between humans and nature. Here, in the general garden category, the spotlight is shone upon the essence of gardening, whether it's seeds promising the bloom of life or the essential tools for nurturing the earth.

How does it work?

Let's get started

Download the Services & Packages Guide (*NEW Version Coming Soon*) and discover the product photography service or package that suits you best. Next, either send a package inquiry or if you have a specific project requirement, complete a Creative Brief. Alternatively, you can book a chat to discuss your photography needs. Once we have established the scope of your project, your booking will be established via Adobe Sign.

Ship your products

Shipping your products to my studio from anywhere in Australia is a seamless process. Simply select your products carefully, ensuring they are in pristine condition with no blemishes or damage to their packaging. When your chosen items are ready for dispatch to the studio, ensure that they are securely packaged, ready for shipment. In order to uphold shooting schedules and project timelines, while also ensuring a smooth and efficient process, please be aware that products are accepted to the studio exclusively through shipping only.

The creation begins

Now, let's delve into the exciting part of the process! I'm dedicated to keeping you well-informed throughout your photography project journey, providing regular updates on turnaround times and progress. Once your shoot is completed and the images have been meticulously edited, I'll send you a contact sheet to give you an initial glimpse of your final photographs. Your gallery will be conveniently accessible via a secure link, presenting you with a comprehensive library of images that are ready to shine a spotlight on your outstanding products, effectively capturing their unique selling points.

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Welcome to the gallery, where each image tells a unique story of product quality, authenticity, and attention to detail. Discover how creative visuals transform products into works of art, conveying the essence of your brand with finesse! Be inspired to unlock the potential of professional product photography for your business.